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The Overland Track from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair is a true wilderness walk which travels through spectacular dolerite mountains, near beautiful waterfalls, through a variety of fascinating ecosystems and close to Tasmania's highest mountain, before finishing at Australia's deepest lake, Lake St Clair. The stunning scenery and the physical challenges of this mountain walk have ensured that the Overland Track has built a national and international reputation as one of the great wilderness bushwalks. As a result, demand for experiences on the Overland Track is high and there are concerns about environmental degradation and overcrowding. It is imperative for the track to be managed strategically to ensure it remains a sustainable, safe, world-class wilderness walk. To address this issue, a vision for the Overland Track was developed. A Recreation Zone Plan has been prepared to implement the changes to the Overland Track described in the visit. The Overland Track experience commences in the northern part of Cradle Mountain, Lake St Clair National Park, at Ronny Creek, climbing out of the Cradle Valley and finishes at Narcissus Bay on Lake St Clair. Many people also choose to walk the track South to Nort, commencing at Lake St. Clair and finishing at Cradle Mountain.

The Overland Track walk takes approximately six days and although the track is well-maintained and clearly marked, for some the journey may not be an easy one. Some people may find the walk quite steep in sections and six days of continuous walking can be physically demanding.

The Overland Track at a glance:

  • Widely considered one of our top 10 bushwalks in the world
  • unique Tasmanian vistas
  • Beautiful lakes, streams, and waterfalls
  • Min. 65km carrying a pack plus many possible side trips with or without a pack
  • 7-nights recommended
  • app. 8000+ walkers per year
  • access by public transportation (can be limited)
  • easy-moderate hiking as long as the weather is OK
  • Dec-May best months
  • possible to hike year-round, however, be prepared for snow travel during Winter
  • Overland Track Fees are payable; currently set as follows:
  • $200 AUD per adult, including GST
  • Children (aged 17 and under), seniors and pensioners AUD $160
  • Children under 5 may walk free of charge, however, it is not recommended as the track is not suitable to very young persons.
  • The Overland Track Fee applies during the peak walking season only (1 November - 30 April).
  • The fee must be paid at the time of booking

Along the track are a number of free open huts for use by anyone. The huts or cabins cannot be booked and tents must be carried as huts are often full in busy periods. The huts are fully enclosed with sleeping platforms and tables; newer huts have covered balconies to hang wet equipment to dry and some also have gas-fired heaters. Click here for information on camping Overland Track. A shuttle bus operates from the Transit Terminal outside the National Park, with pickup and drop off from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre, Snake Hill, Ronny Creek, and Dove Lake. From mid-September to mid-May the shuttle service operates every 20 minutes, seven days a week. The Overland Track travels a distance of 65 kilometres through the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Over recent years considerable upgrades to the track have made the walk easier, and with modern outdoor equipment, the overall trip is generally more comfortable today than in years gone by. Still, however, the walk does demand considerable preparation and reasonably good levels of physical fitness given you will take on average five nights and six days complete the Overland Track.


Dogs Allowed
Walk Length
85 kilometrs
Walk Duration
Walk Type
Duckboard, Gravel, Dirt, Grass, Rock
National Park
Costs Apply?
Suit Children
Walk Difficulty
Region of Tasmania
North West
Start Of Walk
Cradle Mountain or Lake St Clair
Walker Registration Required
Mobile Phone Reception
Barbecue Facilities
Fresh Water
Camping Available
Camping Comments
Camping only in designated locations on the Overland Track Walk


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