Bushwalkers Transport Tasmania

Due to the remoteness of many of Tasmania’s bushwalks, transport for bushwalkers in Tasmania can be difficult to organise.

Transport to and from the Overland Track can be difficult as services are limited, and it is therefore recommended that all people walking the Overland Track plan transport arrangements before undertaking the walk. The Overland Track is walked during the peak season from north to south commencing at Cradle Mountain and concluding at Lake St Clair. At all other times, the track can be walked in either direction. If your trip to Tassie is simply to complete the Overland Track, it is recommended you fly into Launceston and out of Hobart as transport is more regular from Launceston to Cradle Mt and then again from Lake St Clair to Hobart. A ferry service operates from Narcissus Bay to Cynthia Bay on Lake St Clair. Many bushwalkers choose the ferry as an enjoyable way to finish their long 5-7 day journey on the Overland Track. Ring (03) 6289 1137 (03) 6289 1137 for more details and to book the ferry. A radio, located in Narcissus Hut, is connected to the operator to enable ferry bookings. If you are travelling by private vehicle, or rental car, cars can be parked at both Cradle Mountain and Lake St Clair. This is often popular with walkers who organise a car shuffle, however if this is not an option you will need to use public transport. Many walkers find it most convenient to leave their car at Lake St Clair and catch a bus back to Cradle Mountain.

  • Tassie Link – (1300) 300 520
  • McDermotts Coaches – (03) 6394 3535
  • Tasmanian Tour Company – (03) 6492 1431
  • Maxwell’s Coaches – (03) 6492 1431
  • Tiger Wilderness Tours Tasmania – (03) 6394 3212
  • Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences – (03) 6261 4971
  • Outdoor Recreational Transport – (03) 6391 8249

The Tasmanian Wilderness can be a harsh and unforgiving place for both experienced and inexperienced walkers, with many walkers loosing their lives in Tasmania over the years. Careful planning and preparation is essential.

  1. When walking in Tassie, be prepared for any weather conditions
  2. Weather may change quickly; even if you are only going on a short walk be prepared
  3. Tell family or friends where you are bushwalking and when you expect to return
  4. Always register where asked to do so
  5. Carry enough food and water in case of the unexpected
  6. Click for free camping guide Tasmania