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hansons peak cradle mountain

Cradle Mountain is arguably the jewel in Tasmania’s crown, attracting tens of thousands of visitors a year to this park to marvel at its beauty, and constantly changing landscape. The Cradle Mountain, Lake St. Clair National Park is home to the famous Overland Track, a multi-day challenging walk that takes walkers app. 7 days to complete, and that can be completed North to South or South to North (conditions apply). For families, couples or individuals visiting Cradle Mountain and not having the interest or time to complete the Overland Track, there are a range of walks ranging from 20-minutes to half and full-day. Cradle Mountain lies between the Big River and Northern Tasmanian Aboriginal nations. Aboriginal Tasmanians were persecuted by the European settlers upon their arrival, and the last free Aboriginals in the area were seen just south of Cradle Mountain in 1836. There are a range of accommodation options at Cradle Mountain, ranging from basic dormitory style backpacker rooms through to luxury spa cabins.

A major attraction for visitors to Cradle Mountain are Wombats, which are common throughout the park and easy to see at dawn and dusk, with Reedy Creek being one of the more popular places to see the majestic Wombat going about its business. Pademelons, Tasmanian devils and echidnas can also be seen regulalry, with many bird species in the area including green rosellas, black currawongs, black cockatoos, pink robins and Tasmanian scrubwrens, Peregrine falcons and wedge-tailed eagles nest on the mountains cliffs. Tiger snakes are a highly venomous snake species common in Tasmania and commonly found in the area during Summer and warmer months.

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